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Departments and Operations exist to ensure the critical goals and plans lay down by the board, are executed excellently.

Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. This help the organization to facilitate change, achieve the vision and optimize performance and productivity.


You are welcome to OPIBOLSTOW  electronic site.

Opibolstow Group is a Food, an Agriculture, and Agricultural processing company with Bioenergy development division, News cum Media division and Estate / Property development and construction management division. The firm focus more on the four pillars of sustainability and human capacity development.

This birthed web of Customers' satisfactory Enterprises. 

The Agro- processing Division focuses on product and processing , research and development ,  for the transformation of Agricultural produce into value added agricultural products which increases the market value of the final output as well as the transfer of technology and data for agri- business development to further improve income generation , food security , support for digital Agriculture and digital farming. 

This helps in providing more food and varieties for this generation ; increases the productivity of farms , increases the efficiency of the farmers and Agricultural experts , aid prospects for growth and competitiveness on the agricultural market , creation of more job opportunities , with efficient and adequate distribution of scarce resources and better techniques adoption by the farmers which ease their goal and improves their welfare with good products on the table of the consumers and the nation at large.

The Estate / Property Development and Construction Management Division encompasses the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land and the sale of developed land or parcels to others.

We coordinate all of these activities from converting ideas from paper to real property , get to know each specific property , analyze and understand the opportunities it affords to managing the construction process and engaging in housebuilding.

Bio Energy development arm is the firm's division that manage wastes to develop feedstock , biogas generation , utility and mark of zero waste for household usage.

News/Media, Science and Technology division harmonize the developments release in the space of time

We are here to satisfy your needs as we offer our services and products to you for sustainability with satisfaction. 

You can count on our team to give you the very best. You are welcome once again to our world!

Zero Waste Store

Aggregate Enterprises

Agriculture, Technology, Health and Human sustainability.

Integrated enterprises focus on corporate medium to long-term "rough cut" window into how well whole supply chains are responding to meet overall five critical plans constituting the core executive planning process - the production plan, the supply chains plan, the marketing plan, the sales plan, and the logistics plan - are in balance for humans sustainability and better livelihood. Here, we architect the strategies detailing the  firm's revenue, and growth in light of the economic, technological, political, demographical and competitive challenges of the marketplaces

Working Together

About Us

Creative Solutions

Opibolstow Group

This company was founded with a single mission: to be the most successful, creative and ground-breaking Agricultural products processing and value addition to productivity firm ; with active Estate maintenance and development to Tech harnessing , consulting , Bioenergy processing / development, and dynamic - disruptive innovation for service rendering and products delivery.

Opibolstow Group constitutes various departments , divisions and operations. And all work pari passu to achieving the aim of the company.

We rather work silently with much research and  imprints in our various inclinations to the world by approaching each of our goals with fresh eyes to development and unique strategies.

We believe in development to make dreams a reality and need - satisfactory at its best. We are ready and set for various brand and business on the path to success with  products , franchise and service deliveries.

Our focus and mission is essential! 


Our Projects

Helping Businesses Blossom

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Global Expansion

A Story of Success

We approached each project carefully, as it was our very first undertaking of quantify scale. We studied the need for it and the course of approach for societal acceptance and status quo importance to create a focused and effective solution - and then watched it grow. We loved working on projects of development and human needs, and look forward to collaborating together on many more successful projects in the future.


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Food Sustainability is on top gear

Business Meeting

Food Web Database Activated

January 1, 2021 - January 1, 2030

Farmers and Agricultural Value Chain Agents Database

January 1, 2021 to January 1, 2030

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GPS Locator Activated in all OPIBOLSTOW Farm

Fish Industrial Farming

July 1, 2021 - July 1, 2030

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