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Nov 10, 2021
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The agricultural space of Africa was set astir and alive on Monday 8th November, 2021 when the Chief Executive Officer of OPIBOLSTOW® Amb. Stephen Opeyemi Owolabi delivered the spectacular footprint of Agricultural and economic sustainability. Stating amazing phases through which agricultural and economic sustainability could be put to execution in his nation Nigeria and Africa as a whole he re-emphasised that Agriculture is the bedrock of survival and economic growth. This is the first time in time an erudite expert in Agriculture, food Production and processing would whim both therothical and practical understanding of the term food sustainability in human sustainability in Africa, putting it into private-public firms and not saddling the responsibility wholly on government execution. Amb. Stephen Opeyemi Owolabi. In the aura of the company's anniversary, the footprint tagged "FOOD AND AGRICULTURAL SUSTANABILITY THROUGH SMART AGRICULTURE AND FUTURE FOOD" was launched towards food sustainability and affordability. With the footprint, the firm OPIBOLSTOW® and the Chief executive officer have been able to walk us through most of the problems facing food affordability and Agricultural sustainability. Stating that agriculture must take a better dimension in order to be sustainable and this can be achieved in time when integrated farming is activated and projection for it's success is reviewed and executed as business.
OPIBOLSTOW® launches a plan-proof for Food Security via Smart Agriculture and Process - Storage. content media


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